EFB-Pro  Available Aircraft 

(if your aircraft is not shown, contact CAVU)



Astra SPX

BAe 146, -200, -300, FireTanker

Beech 1900D

Beechjet  400, 400A, 400XP, MU-300

Boeing 727-100

Boeing 737-200, -15, -17

Boeing 737-300, -F35, Winglets

Boeing 767-200


Caravan 208B (with or without POD, Amphib, Blackhawk, EX) 

Cessna 172S

Cessna 310R

Cessna 340A, -Ram IV

Cessna 402

Cessna 414

Cessna 421

Challenger 300

Challenger 350

Challenger 600

Challenger 601-1A (3A)

Challenger 604 & 605

Challenger 850 (CRJ200)

Challenger 900

Citation 500 (with Sierra Longwing mod)

Citation 501 (Sierra Eagle)

Citation 510 (Mustang)

Citation 525 CJ, CJ1, CJ1+

Citation 525A CJ2, CJ2+

Citation 525B CJ3, CJ3+

Citation 525 CJ4

Citation 525 M2

Citation 550 II (with or without  gross wgt increase) 

Citation 550 Bravo

Citation 550 SII

Citation 560

Citation 560 w/ 16300 MGTOW

Citation 560 Encore

Citation 560 Ultra

Citation 560 XL

Citation 560 XLS, XLS+

Citation 650 (III, VI & VII)

Citation 680 Sovereign, Latitude

Citation 750 (X), -X+

Commander 500B (Shrike conversion)


Convair 580

Convair 5800

Dash 8 -314  (other models on request)

Douglas DC9-15

Diamond 1A (MGTOW 15500)



Embraer 110

Embraer 120ER  &  120RT

Embraer 145LR (other models on request)

Embraer Legacy 135BJ (other models on request)

Falcon 10

Falcon 20C (731AR and BR)

Falcon 20E (731BR)

Falcon 20F (731AR and BR)

Falcon 50

Falcon 50 Dash4 

Falcon 50EX

Falcon 200

Falcon 900B

Falcon 900DX

Falcon 900EX  (with and without ABOC mod)

Falcon 900EX Easy  (with and without ABOC mod)

Falcon 900LX (Easy I and II)

Falcon 2000

Falcon 2000EX

Falcon 2000EX Easy

Falcon 2000DX

Falcon 2000LX

Falcon 2000LXS

Falcon 2000S

Falcon 2000T

Falcon 7X

Global Express

Global Express 5000

Global Express 5500

Global Express 6000

Global Express 7500

Global Express XRS

Gulfstream G100 (Astra SPX)

Gulfstream G150

Gulfstream G200 (Galaxy)

Gulfstream 280

Gulfstream GIIB/GIII

Gulfstream GIV

Gulfstream GIVSP

Gulfstream G450

Gulfstream GV

Gulfstream 550 (GVII)

Gulfstream 550

Gulfstream 650

Hawker 400, 400A

Hawker 700A

Hawker 750XP

Hawker 800

Hawker 800A    (with or without API winglets)

Hawker 800TR  (w/thrust reversers, with or without winglets)

Hawker 800XP  (with or without winglets)

Hawker 850XP 

Hawker 900XP  

Hawker 1000


King Air C90 (s/n 668-1010)

King Air C90A (to s/n 1299)

King Air E90

King Air A100

King Air B100

King Air 200

King Air 300

King Air 350

King Air 350i

King Air 350ER

L39 Albatros

Lear 25

Lear 31

Lear 31A

Lear 31 ZR Lite

Lear 35

Lear 35A

Lear 36A

Lear 35 ZR Lite

Lear 40XR

Lear 45

Lear 45XR (BR engines)

Lear 55

Lear 60

Lear 60XR

Piaggio Avanti

Pilatus PC-12 (45 & 47) 

Piper PA18 ,-150

Piper Archer III

Piper Chieftain (PA31-350)

Piper Lance

Premier I /IA   (also with or without Kit 390-9200)

Saab 340A

Saab 340B

Sabreliner 65

Twin Commander 500B (Shrike conversion)

Twin Commander 690A

Westwind II