EFB-Pro  Deice Hold-Over-Time Tables



Deice1.JPGHold Over Time (HOT) tables are published annually. 

To use the manual charts correctly, the user must take into account several factors such as visibility (in the case of snow to determine precipitation intensity), winds, type of precipitation, intensity, temperature, various mixed precipitations, brand and concentration. 

The printed tables have numerous footnotes further restricting the proper use of the hold times. 

EFB-Pro's HOT module takes all of these factors into account and presents the pilot with clear options and depicts appropriate warnings to the risks of using the range of times provided in the tables. 

In the case to the left, since snow precipitation is selected, the required visibility parameter is displayed. 

Ice pellet allowance times are also provided. 

A count down clock for either hold-time or allowance times is provided. 

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The color strip at the top of the screen changes depending upon the various factors that according to the footnotes diminish the effectiveness of the solution.  Time durations in the red zone are not normally recommended.

When the clock is started, the user can exit the HOT screen and do other calculations within EFB-Pro.  A warning light will flash when the time expires.  The user can re-enter the HOT settings at any time.

Device7.JPGIce pellet precipitation is also calculated.


With ice pellets, the rules and time durations are properly displayed.  Note also that the start time is displayed when the count-down clock is started.

The start time can be manually set by pressing the RESET button.




When conditions are selected that do not require advanced settings (i.e. snow precip) then the screen is cleared of those adjustments to simplify user intraction.