General Description 

Form 8130-3 Pro for Windows is a self contained Windows program that allows the user to complete the FAA Authorized Release Certificate (previously known as the Airworthiness Approval Tag) on-screen and print out the FAA approved forms on plain white paper. The pro version includes part number, eligibility, country and forwarding house databases.

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Most fields can be pre-set to default values.

Reference, invoice and batch numbers can be set to automatically increment.

Pull-down lists allow easy "point and click" entry.  Part Number database automatically updates description, part number, eligibility and remarks section, particularly if a PMA'd number is available.  A validation of the data initials set is observed and a warning appears if not present.  See below.

Pre-set authorized names for signature box inclusion automatically entered into boxes 15-17 or 20/22 based on password (see below)

The new regulation requires that section 14-18 or 19-23 be "shaded out" if not used.  This software performs that task automatically.

Status entries are stored in the pull-down lists and when toggled, insert appropriate text within the remarks section depending on whether New or Repaired (etc) is selected.

Multiple organization names with corresponding certificate numbers (box 21) can be entered and selected.

Country select for exports and a forwarding house list are also included with appropriate entries into the remarks section.


Parts, PMAs and Stamps 

Set-up parts so that users simply click on the part number from the pull-down list within section 8 of the form.

Stamp 1-3:  FYI information that can be viewed by the user.  From the main screen, click on the BOLT button.

Eligibility:  This entry will appear on your form (section 9) when the part is selected.

Validation Initials:  As a quality control check, the user will be warned with an on-screen message that the part has not been validated if this field is blank.  Enter the initials of the engineer who validated the information on this screen.

 Forwarding Houses

Foreign countries can be entered along with the appropriate relationship, i.e. Bilateral agreement or JAR standards.

When this country is selected on the main screen, the appropriate text is included in the remarks section (the blue highlighted text on the image to the right.  The text above was the default text for the form)

Forwarding houses can be entered, and when selected on the main screen, their address appears within the remarks section.

Electronic Signature 

Each authorized user can have an electronic signature attached to each form.  The signatures can be captured within simple graphic programs like Paint.  The signature appears within the signature box and the printed name appears below.


Searching Forms

Forms are saved to a central database and can be searched by setting the search criteria, such as by description, part number, date, name, certificate number, invoice/work order number, or other fields within FIND.

Invoice and Work order numbers can be set to auto-increment.  Most fields can be set to pre-fill. 


Forms print on plain white copy paper and look identical to the FAA Form 8130-3.  Prints on 8 ½ x 11 paper in both portrait and landscape modes.  The non-used portion of blocks 14-18 or 19-23 are shaded in gray (optional). 

System Requirements

Windows 95 or above

PC based computer with sufficient memory

Laser, Inkjet or DeskJet printer


 First license  $349
 Annual Renewal  $99 /yr
 Additional licenses  $10/yr