General Description 

Maintenance Tracker is a self contained Windows program that allows the user to input time limited parts, ADs, SBs and recurring inspections for each aircraft.  

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The screen displays are modifiable by aircraft, so you don’t have to look at landings, as an example, for skid type helicopters.

Part lists, including TBOs, from one aircraft can be exported to another of similar type.

All times are updated by entering new meter (Hobbs) readings or actual flight time.

Installed and removed components can be viewed.

Reports of time, cycles, landings, RIN and months can viewed on-screen prior to printing.

Components can be organized by item number, assembly (engine) or inspection.

Component times and inspections coming due can be viewed as a projection report.

Oil analysis can be tracked and graphed for each component.

Data can be imported from other programs.

Multiple reports are availbable such as complete printouts of aircraft time-limited part status.  Projections can be run by entering a number of hours to assume have passed.

Searching Forms

Information is saved to a central database by aircraft and can be searched by tail number.~


Forms print on plain white copy paper in landscape view.

System Requirements

Windows 95 or above

PC based computer with sufficient memory

Laser, Inkjet or DeskJet printer


 Annual Subscription  $300