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General Description

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RFM-Pro is an electronic flight bag application that runs on Windows PCs. It allows the user to determine performance chart results such as max weights in and out of ground effect.

The user may also optionally run weight & balance calculations.

Many other features are included:


An optional Airport database can be added, see below


Multiple aircraft can be installed on one handheld and selected from a pull-down list.

 RFM-Pro methodology complies with

bullet FAA regulations
bullet JAR-OPS 1
bullet EU-OPS Subpart G, Performance Class A
Airport  Database This optional Runway database provides:
  1. Departure and Arrival weather lookup
  2. Barometric Pressure
  3. Field Elevation
  4. Temperature
  5. Real-time METAR

*merges to field condition screen


Field and Cruise Conditions The initial screen of RFM-Pro allows the user to enter pertinent weather and field information. These values are then converted as necessary (degrees F to C, for example) to allow performance chart interpolation.




FAA Terminal Procedures Publication

Presented here for searching, viewing, and downloading are all the U.S. Terminal Procedure Publications (TPPs) available in PDF format files. The TPP is a 26 volume set of printed paper books containing Instrument Approach Procedure charts (IAP), Departure Procedure charts (DP), Standard Terminal Arrival charts (STAR), and Airport Diagrams. Also included are Take-Off, Radar, and Alternate Minima textual procedures. Each single page chart is presented as an individual PDF file. The minima textual data are presented as multi-page PDFs covering the minimum sections of each of the 26 printed TPP volumes. Legend and general information pages printed in the TPP books are also presented here as multi-page PDF files.

Toward the end of a 28 day airspace cycle there will be a period of time when both the current and subsequent edition files of the Digital Terminal Procedures are available for search and download.

Weight & Balance W&B is integrated into RFM-Pro. 

The specific seat and baggage configuration for the user’s aircraft is displayed.  Clicking the M, F or C button to the left of the seat layout, then click on each seat to place a male, female or child respectively. An ACTUAL weight can be entered for any seat or for passengers outside of the standard weight model, such as athletic team members (see 230 entry in first image).

The user simply enters the weights corresponding to the bag stations and the new gross weight and CG are displayed. Fuel weight is also entered in a similar manner though a fuel moment "lookup" table is utilized.

The resulting CG (in inches and %MAC) is then displayed graphically within the operating envelop for the aircraft as a small dot. The CG shift resulting from fuel burn is displayed as a line leading from the CG symbol, passing through the landing CG and terminating at the zero fuel CG value.  Values outside the acceptable range are shown in red.



The GRAPHICAL W&B allows the user to use standard weights for men, women and children.   Notice in the pictures to the right, that a numeric keypad appears for easy entry and that LBS appears in the selected seat.

The winter and summer weights are toggled by the user or automatically by date, both of which the user sets. 

AC120-27E Weight & Balance compliant

Using the standard weight module also allows full compliance with the recent AC120-27E circular. The W&B information (T/O Weight, CG, CG Limits, CG envelop, %MAC, zero fuel weight and passenger weight) can be printed. 



Crew names can be saved within the software and included in the W&B. Fulfills  FAR § 135.63  Identification of crew members and their crew position assignments..





Performance Charts Performance charts for the aircraft are listed by phase of flight and possibly anti-ice or other system condition.

Clicking the appropriate category toggles the choices available .

When target values are assigned for takeoff distance, the chart is automatically and repetitively run to render not only the result based on the current weight, but the max weight allowed to still meet the distance or gradient respectively.

Landing Distance Factors (None, 80% or 60% and 15%) in compliance with Opspec C082 are included.

The TOLD card can be printed and folded to a handy quick reference size with the numbers on one side and all the assumptions (field conditions, system settings, etc) on the back. Click on animation to see full size TOLD card.

Shown is the PPC for an Mi-17.  Your printout will contain charts that are unique to your aircraft type.



EFB Brands that endorse EFB-Pro

Deliver it straight to your EFB with...




CMC PilotView



System Requirements

Desktop, Laptop or EFBs running Windows 2000 and above.  Screen resolutions greater than 800x600 supported.

To operate on Mac/Apple computers see this video

Available Aircraft

As new aircraft are added continually, contact CAVU if your aircraft is not shown.









Pricing is very simple.

For customers who DO NOThave a current RFM-Pro for Ipad subscription: 

$50/helicopter/month  (includes licenses for two devices) 


For customers who DO have a current RFM-Pro for iPad subscription: 

$25/helicopter/month  (includes licenses two device) 


Additional device licenses:

$10/month each



EFB-Copter $400
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