RSVP-Pro is a Windows 10 standalone application that streamlines roster management for organizations that hold regular meetings.

The fast loading app allows the individual responsible for tracking RSVPs for upcoming meetings to register existing members from a last name ordered list.  The interface is touch screen enabled for similarly enabled computers.  Select the letter of the last name and the list fills with the names limited to that letter.  

There are two modes, selectable using the toggle below the list on the left: RSVP and Checkins.  RSVPs and Checkins totals are actively displayed on the lower right corner of the screen.

RSVPs can be distinquished between those who are just calling in to acknowledge they will not be there versus those who will attend.

The logo at the top of the screen can be changed to your logo.



Email lists can be sent to a select attendee or to attendees meeting certain criteria, such as No RSVP received yet, or Those who have responded.  Default messages fill the email appropriate to the group being emailed but the message and the subject line can be edited.




When checking in indiduals at the time of the meeting, a green check mark appears next to those who RSVPed.  This might be beneficial in giving preference to those who RSVPed in advance.  An option can be selected to send the responding attendee a conformation email.  



Notice that the RSVP has a percentage after it.  This represents teh percentage of Local Members and Candidates (The two primary categories, the names of which can be altered) that have responded.



By clicking on the tags (RSVP and ATTENDING) will generate on screen lists of different groups.  This is very helpful in determining who is yet to checkin or when there is a mismatch of people present and checked in.






Guests can be added or existing members edited on the fly within RSVP or Checkin modes.  Names are added to the list and be saved to the master roster.  The attendee categories can be changed from the default "Local Member", "Visiting Member", "Guest" and "Candidate" to anything you like, ie "Sailboat", "Motorboat", "Red Team", "Blue Team", etc.  This allows great flexibility in tracking events.





A random attendee function is provided to randomly generate a name from one of the attendees.  Each press of the button generates a new name.  This can used for "50/50 drawings" or other purposes and eliminates the need to use sperate numbered tickets (a cost savings).




At the end of the meeting, a text based list of attendees and call-ins is produced (comma delimited, first and lastname, alphabetized by last name and the city identifier of visiting members, guests/candidates and call-ins are in separate groupings).  

The monthly meeting roster, along with additions and corrections, is merged back to the master roster.  When setting up the new meeting, the master roster is used to create a blank roster for the new meeting. Previous rosters can be selected from the pull-down list.

The database is driven by excel so your data is saved for future queries and reports as desired.




There are also attendance reports for multiple months