cavUniversity is a subscription based program that provides a tutorial program for EFB-Pro users.  

Suitable for flight departments and indiviual pilots.  

  • Subscribers take tutorials and quizzes on specific topics.
  • A new pilot can now run through the self-paced tutorial, watch a video and then answer 10 to 15 questions on the subject matter.  Successfully completing the course demonstrates a proficiency in the subject. 
  • Free up time and assure each new pilot receives standardized training on the EFB-Pro app. 
  • Crews can take the quizzes as part of on-going training classes.
  • The administrator can see the answers for each pilot or as a summary to highlight what areas need to be addressed.
  • A Certificate of Completion can be printed for each passing test.
  • Questions are researched and submitted by the professional pilot community or experts in the field.
  • More quizzes will be added on a regular basis.