EFB-Pro  General Information



Cover.JPG"I wanted to let you know that the program you put together for the Falcon 200 is excellent, and has proven to be a very beneficial preflight tool for our operation." J. Scott Carr, Chief Pilot

EFB-Pro is an electronic flight bag application that runs on PDAs and PCs. It allows the user to determine performance chart results such as takeoff distance, four-segment climb gradient and landing distances for various runway conditions.

The user may also optionally run weight & balance calculations.

Many other features are included:


The ability to determine the required climb gradient with and without departure procedures


An optional Runway database can be added


An optional Airport database can be added


An optional Fuel tankering module can be added


Multiple aircraft can be installed and selected from a pull-down list.

 EFB-Pro methodology complies with

bullet FAA regulations
bullet JAR-OPS 1
bullet EU-OPS Subpart G, Performance Class A
EFB-Pro for Windows (Turbine) $50
Click Here for Product Details! Performance Calculator for Windows PC, laptops and EFBs WHEN ORDERING: SELECT NUMBER OF AIRCRAFT FROM PULL DOWN LIST LEAVE QNTY AT 1