EFB-Pro  FAA Terminal Procedures 



Presented here for searching, viewing, and downloading are all the U.S. Terminal Procedure Publications (TPPs) available in PDF format files.  Users can quickly determine climb requirements and other restrictions without leaving the program.


The TPP is a 26 volume set of printed paper books containing Instrument Approach Procedure charts (IAP), Departure Procedure charts (DP), Standard Terminal Arrival charts (STAR), and Airport Diagrams. Also included are Take-Off, Radar, and Alternate Minima textual procedures. Each single page chart is presented as an individual PDF file.


The minima textual data are presented as multi-page PDFs covering the minimum sections of each of the 26 printed TPP volumes. Legend and general information pages printed in the TPP books are also presented here as multi-page PDF files.

Toward the end of a 28 day airspace cycle there will be a period of time when both the current and subsequent edition files of the Digital Terminal Procedures are available for search and download.



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