EFB-Pro  Fuel Tankering 



Tanker_Input.JPG The optional fuel tankering module compares several parameters for the user:

  1. Departure fuel price
  2. Destination fuel price
  3. Fuel flow differences for tankered fuel weight
  4. Rebates offered at destination
  5. Flight level, speed, temperature and weight

Output includes:

bullet Gals - gallons required at the destination
bullet Tank - gallons to tanker
bullet Buy - amount to purchase at  destination
bullet Savings - in dollars relative to the alternatives. 

Databases are aircraft type specific.




Five different scenarios (i.e. buy some fuel at FBO and tanker some versus buy all at the FBO) are examined for each calculation.  Differential fuel fuel flows at various weights, altitudes and temperatures is considered.  The extra fuel to carry the extra weight of the tankered fuel is also factored.

For instance, in this example (second line) if you want 200 gals left over after the flight, then tanker 202 gals (2 gals used to carry the extra weight) and purchase nothing from the FBO.  Even after forgoing the landing fee rebate, you will save $141.77

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